Take Me Somewhere Nice
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Take Me Somewhere Nice

what I wanted to do: they were two characters who did not say or express what they really felt. This was the first premise when I started writing, and then I gave the actresses the guidelines on how to solve the issue that their characters have not seen for Fisherman’s Friends thirty years: what to talk about? Good, of absurd things; they go from one place to another, without being able to deal with the great problems that concern them. That was the design of the story in order not to fall into the melodrama, to which it could have gone. In fact, in editing, we have excluded the things that tended towards the sentimental or the easy tear, and we also made sure that the music would never support an emotional situation in a melodramatic way.

Even the camera moves a little, something that did not happen in his previous films … Yes, it moves very little: when we planned the film, we decided to In a Relationship leave the camera still and that, unlike 10,000 noches en ninguna part [+], where the camera was in constant motion, had to stop and that what happened within the frame was what the film was talking about, but without emphasizing anything: we did a subtraction exercise to avoid falling into the artifice or adorning, even if we were tempted.

Why address the specific issues that you are dealing with in the film?Born from the desire to return to work with Susi Sánchez after 10,000 noches … and to write her a leading role. Then came the mother-daughter relationship and the desire that it be an intimate story, À cause des filles of two characters, with some locations that would allow me to enjoy the work of the two main actresses.

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