FP2: Beats of Rage
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FP2: Beats of Rage

You either loved The FP, or you hated it. Brothers Jason and Brandon Trost created a post-apocalyptic world where the number-one Idle Thoughts pastime was Dance Dance Revolution clone Beat Beat Revelation – a game whose matches were so high-stakes, they could kill (referred to as a “187”). Dominated by neon, gangs, and a hyper-aggressively “street” dialect, the film hit the festival circuit just before pop culture started being taken over by coarse ‘80s throwbacks like Kung Fury. Now, of course, to put it in the film’s parlance, dat shits iz everywhere, dog.

None of that has changed in the sequel. The world of FP2 still looks like an all-American cross between Mad Max, Desperate Living, The Axiom and Tron. People still speak in a slang so stylized it’s hard to follow at times, let alone take it seriously. Booze still serves a similar narrative purpose as gasoline did in the Mad Max films, and it’s scarcer than ever. But Beats of Rage takes a mythic turn to fantasy adventure, with wider landscapes, weirder mysticism, and even an opening sequence framing its world as some kind of Middle-Earthy realm.

Into all this steps the first film’s eyepatched hero JTRO (Jason Trost), now a mumbly, down-and-out loser who’s seen so much shit Bigger his voice sounds like Elias Toufexis in the Deus Ex games. He’s visited by a mysterious figure promising “bottomless booze forevs” as long as he can defeat AK47, a villainous newcomer with glowing red eyes who rips people’s souls from their bodies. Thus, JTRO must travel to the fabled Wastes with hype-man KCDC and “re-ninj” himself in order to build up his skills and take down the bad guy. In doing so, meets another mysterious figure – Chai-T, a female competitor in the “Beat-off.” She’s Australian; it turns out the only thing more annoying then the slang language of The FP is…the slang language of The FP mixed with Australian vernacular.

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